Aztec Energy
    Who we are:
Aztec Energy Company was formed in 1995 to specialize in the sales, service, and handling of petroleum products and crude oil, which do not meet shipping standards or have become contaminated through transportation, storage, cross mixing or use. Located in Southern California, Aztec Energy handles products anywhere in the United States. Aztec’s predecessor companies were Petro Trading Company and Petroleum Recycling Company, formed in 1981 and 1983 respectively. Collectively, Aztec Energy Company has over 30 years experience handling this specialized petroleum market.

What we do:
Aztec Energy has the greatest expertise in handling “off-specification” or “off-grade” products anywhere in the US! We have handled all varieties of gravity and viscosity mixes, even when contaminated with high levels of water and sediment. No other company has had the width and breadth of our collective experience moving these types of products and oils. Aztec’s expertise of these off-specification products allows us to quickly remove the product so you can get back to the operational tasks you have at hand. No matter what the contamination, Aztec will source a secondary market and provide a fair market value to the generator.

Who we service:

Fueling and Storage Facilities
Industrial Sites
US Government
State Government
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